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What is the average temperature in CUBA?
Average temperature in CUBA is 25 degrees Celsius and varies depending on the season


What is the Population?
Approx. 11,200,000 people


What is the Official language?


Is the Departure Tax mandatory?
The mandatory local 25 CUC departure tax per person is now included in the package price.


Why do people choose Cuba as their vacation spot?
Affordability, Clean, Safe, Culture, History, Beaches, Landscapes, Friendly People and MUCH MORE


How do I book excursions in destination?

In the lobby of each hotel, there is a desk available where the destination rep will book your local excursions. Cost is paid in cash CUC. Our reps speak english to assist you.


Travel Tickets

Edocs are available within 28 days of departure and paid in full. You may click the top right Edoc link to retrieve.


What is the currency in Cuba for tourists?
All goods and services are expected to be paid in the tourism peso called CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso).


How does tipping work?
Tipping is accepted and at the discretion of the individual in CUC.


What is the lugguage allowance for each flight we service?

Cubana (Toronto departures): 23kg per bag (2 bags total) + carry on 10kg

Cubana (Montreal departures): 23kg per bag (1 bag total) + carry on 7kg


What methods of Transportation are available? 
Taxi, car rentals, local buses, etc are available in each destination. Safe and reliable.


What documentation is required?
To enter Cuba, each traveller must carry a valid passport. Also, a tourist card is given to each guest by the airline. For all inquiries on documentation please contact the Cuban Consulate at 416.234.8181 to see if you require any other documentation.

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