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The island of Cuba immediately calls to mind visions of ecological treasures, breath-taking beaches, spectacular scenery, captivating history and rich culture. The people of this fascinating land are welcoming and gracious. Cuba continues to be one of the most desired islands in the Caribbean for Canadians.



Over the past 25 years, we continue to enrich our collection of good value and fun-filled vacations in order for you and your family to enjoy our wonderful island. Throughout the years all of our Cuban destinations have continued to develop, featuring new resorts and amenities for tourists. Hola Sun leads the way in offering the best comprehensive Cuba product for all travelers catering to different tastes, budgets, and needs.



Discover the true beauty of this magnificent island with all it has to offer and experience a well deserved vacation. Let the Cuba Specialist Guide the way as we proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary!






Exciting things to see and do in Cuba...
  • Snorkel along the coral reef
  • Explore the historical city of Havana
  • Swim with the friendly dolphins
  • Discover the colonial city of Trinidad or Camaguey
  • Meet the friendly locals and learn about their everyday life
  • Relax on the most beautiful pristine beaches in the Caribbean
  • Ride a moped down the breathtaking country side
  • Smoke the finest of cigars
  • Enjoy a round of golf in Varadero
  • Dance the night away in Varadero's Club district


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