Playa Pesquero and Playa Costa Verde show best of Holguin

Hola Sun Holidays, in partnership with Gaviota Hotels, is offering two popular properties in Pesquero Beach, Holguin. Playa Pesquero ★★★+ and Playa Pesquero Premium ★★★★★  Just 70 kilometres from the Frank Pais International Airport, the protected Playa Pesquero near Bahia de Naranjo National Park offers golden sand and warm, shallow waters, near some of Cuba’s best diving. As a protected beach, Playa Pesquero features a large coral reef and exotic vegetation — all just steps from a guest’s hotel room door. Browse the photo gallery to explore the two resorts, or visit to learn more. As originally published by the Toronto Star.

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Explore Historic Havana

Havana is a place of endless exploration with its depth of history, plazas, museums, clubs, music, art, theatres, and restaurants. As you take a stroll into the city of Havana, the distinctive sounds of salsa music floating from every courtyard, the smell of Cuban cigars, and watching the fifties cars cruise along will give you a sense of everyday life in the area.

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Couple visits Cuba over 90 times!

Joe Kunstmann and his wife Ursula love to visit Cuba. In fact, they’ve been over 90 times.

“It’s the people that make you come back,” says Ursula. “The people are so friendly!”

Her husband is equally smitten. “It’s just a beautiful country.”

The couple have travelled with Hola Sun Holidays and say the service has been exceptional. “We had an incident at the airport,” Ursula explains, “and a young man took such good care of the people there that we wrote a letter to Hola Sun explaining how well this young man worked for them and how happy we were with the way he treated us. We got a letter back from Hola Sun, reading ‘We hope your 95th trip will be memorable.’” When the couple arrived in Cuba, they found that Hola Sun had decorated a gazebo on a hill to help them celebrate their milestone vacation.

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Travel Agent Appreciation Night

On Friday September 15th, Hola Sun hosted its annual Agent Appreciation Night.

This year marked the 26th anniversary of Hola Sun selling Cuba to the Canadian market. To commemorate this special occasion we invited more than 230 retail and industry partners to get together for a night of Cuban music and dancing. This night was for our partners to get the latest information on what products Hola Sun have to offer to better serve our clients.

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