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Free Excursions


Explore Historic Havana

Havana is a place of endless exploration with its depth of history, plazas, museums, clubs, music, art, theatres, and restaurants. As you take a stroll into the city of Havana, the distinctive sounds of salsa music floating from every courtyard, the smell of Cuban cigars, and watching the fifties cars cruise along will give you a sense of everyday life in the area.

Havana is divided into four unique areas; Old Havana, Vedado, Miramar and Santa Maria del Mar.

In Old Havana, most of the buildings have been greatly restored preserving the architecture inside and out.

Towards the Vedado area, guests may stay at any of the delightful high-end resorts overlooking the coastline. This area is conveniently located making it easy to organize special events and conferences.

The Miramar district which was once the location of the rich and famous, offers business clients great accommodation and elegant surroundings.

Santa Maria Del Mar beach is approximately 30 minutes from Havana city and offers all inclusive beach resorts with moderate amenities at affordable prices.

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Trip to Havana

Thinking about going to Havana? Why not experience all that the Vedado district has to offer. With many hotels in the area, there is plenty to do and see and it’s only a short taxi ride away from Old Havana!

That is what Hola Sun staff member Michelle did. Read below about her trip highlights and things to do and see.


The hotel is in an excellent location, with many small restaurants and cafes all within a short walking distance. There is something for everyone at the restaurants, whether you wanted hamburgers, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish Tapas, coffee, or more traditional fare, all at excellent prices. A roughly 30 minute walk will bring you to the BelView Art Café, run by an extremely talented German photographer. The walls are adorned with prints of his photos, and the space itself is excellently appointed. An espresso and a plate of fresh tropical fruits (watermelon, papaya, guava, pineapple, orange, and banana) only cost 3 CUC. The brownies here are also excellent.


There are a few theatres in Vedado that you can go and catch a concert, comedians, movies, or plays. Near the Tryp Habana Libre is the teatro Yara, or, if you preferred to catch a jazz performance, you could visit the teatro Mella, which is within short walking distance of the Habana Riviera.


There is also a fantastic culture centre in Vedado called Fabrica de Arte Cubano. Here you can find contemporary works, as well as concerts, and films.


During my stay the semi-finals for baseball between the Havana team and the Las Tunas team was occurring at the Estadio Latinoamericano, which is only a short walk from the Revolution Square. If you have a chance to grab a ticket, I highly recommend going to a game while in Cuba. The passion for baseball in Cuba is just amazing.


There are many parks dotted around Havana, no matter which district you find yourself in. These parks have many monuments, and are occasionally host to little fairs, or festivals. Havana is also home to an aquarium as well as a zoo.


When going to Havana, a stop to the Cayo Hueso neighbourhood, and more specifically, the Callejon de Hamel, is a must. This is a small alleyway that showcases the Afro-Cuban art and culture. Originally started as a place to showcase the art of one artist, it is now a bustling alleyway, full of music, dancing, and art. Every Sunday at around noon, there is a live performance of Rumba music, which should not be missed.


The Universitad de la Habana is a short walk from the Callejon de Hamel on San Larazo and is an amazing example of architecture.


Old Havana is a short taxi ride away. For about 10 CUC, you can go from Vedado to Old Havana. In Old Havana there are so many things to do and see. Some of the best coffee I have ever drank has been from Havana, with Café O’Reilly, which is located near the Plaza de la Catedral, being on the top of the list. There are many museums, art pieces, and plazas located within Old Havana. You can stop by La Bodeguita Del Medio for the famous mojito, El Floridita Bar for a daiquiri, Paladar Los Mercaderes for some plaintain based appetizers, or head over to Plaza Vieja and grab a seat on the patio at Café El Escorial and people watch.


Havana is an amazing city that is impossible to see in one short visit. There are so many places to walk, get lost in, and more importantly, experience!


TURNAT 2017 – Oriente Norte (Holguin & Baracoa)

TURNAT 2017 – Oriente Norte (Holguin & Baracoa) Coffee and Cacao Route

Testimonial from Hola Sun staff member Michelle.

TURNAT 2017 was held September 25- 30, 2017, beginning in the province of Holguin and ending in the city of Baracoa, located in the Guantanamo province. Turnat focuses on cultural, sustainable, and nature tourism, showcasing some of the lesser traveled areas of Cuba. I chose the Coffee and Cacao Route for my TURNAT experience. Being someone who not only loves all things coffee and chocolate, I am a firm believer in learning as much as possible about where the final product comes from, and all the steps from seed to cup or bar that need to be taken. Living in Canada, we take so much for granted, and participating in TURNAT 2017 helped me better understand the process.

On September 27, my group headed out from the Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca to go to a pine tree and coffee plantation in Mayari. There, we learned from the farmer how coffee is grown, and how long it takes to go from seedling to mature, fruit bearing tree. September is harvest season for coffee, so while we were visiting the farm, we got to view many plants that were mature and fruit bearing, with both ripe and green cherries. I personally got to taste the pulp around the seed in a ripe cherry, which has a rather sweet taste. From there, we visited the Salto del Guayabo, where after a hike, you could actually step foot in the falls. We also took a small hike in La Sabina before continuing on to the Villa Pinares de Mayari, our ecolodge in the mountains for the night.

September 28 we made stops in Moa, as well as Parque Alejandro de Humbolt for hikes. We learned more about endemic flora, as well as more about coffee and cacao harvesting. On our way to Baracoa, we stopped at Bahia de Taco, where we were able to take in some amazing views of the bay. We then continued on to the Hotel Porto Santo in Baracoa, an amazing property that has absolutely stunning views of Bahia de Baracoa.

September 29 we focused on Cacao and chocolate production. We visited the Casa del Cacao, which has some interesting information on chocolate production. We also visited Finca Duaba, where we went on a hike to learn more on cacao growing, harvesting, and processing. We got to taste a traditional chocolate beverage, made with cacao grown and processed on site in the traditional way. After lunch, we visited the chocolate factory, which was founded by Che Guevara in April 1693. At the factory, we saw how they produced all the different products for consumption, including sampling chocolate that was made very recently.

September 30, which was our last day, we went to the Rio Yumuri, for a small boat ride, hike, and an opportunity to swim and relax in the most pristine waters I have seen. It was an excellent way to end an amazing journey before heading back to Holguin to catch the return flight to Canada.


Repeat Client Testimonial

Earlier in the year Hola Sun was advised that repeat clients Mr & Mrs K., who have been to Cuba over 90 times, were embarking on yet another trip to Cuba.

As a thank you for their continued support, Hola Sun got together with Cubana Airlines and Melia Hotels to make there vacation just a little more special.

The couple received Hola Sun swag items, an upgrade to first class as well as a room upgrade at the resort. They also were given a special dinner by the resort.

Upon return the couple sent in a thank you letter (below) and flowers.

Dear Mr. Juan Carlos Soto Garcia,


Ref: A fantastic unbelievable holiday in Cuba

We are speechless and it is hard to find the appropriate words to thank especially you and also Cubana Airlines, as well as Sol Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Coco for having changed our 2 weeks ordinary vacation in Cuba into a unexpected dream holiday, which we could never have imagined. Never in our life time, and we are 80 years old, has anybody given us anything for free. Grateful is not really the right word to express how we feel. Ecstatic expresses it better. How did we deserve this?


Our 94 trips to Cuba, since 1980, have been exciting and a lot of fun. We stayed in the villas of Varadero in the early 80′ until the first tourist hotels appeared in the Santiago area. In the early years, the Cuban people were not allowed to talk to tourists or accept tips, specially not dollars. We saw the tourist industry grow, met many nice people from farmers high in Fidel’s maestra mountains to ordinary people in the cities and villages. We have been almost everywhere in Cuba, except Pinar del Rio. Every time we wanted to go there, a hurricane stopped us.

Please accept our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your generosity. You gave us a memory our grandchildren and great grandchildren will still be talking about.

Attached please find a report of this amazing trip.


The couple also go on to say

This was a DREAM VACATION. Thanks especially to Mr. Juan Carlos Soto Garcia, president of Hola Sun Canada, Cubana Airlines, Sol Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Coco for making this big surprise holiday an unforgettable memory for us.

We hope Mr & Mrs K. have many more chances to enjoy Cuba.

Hola Sun Agent Appreciation Night

On Friday September 15th, Hola Sun hosted its annual Agent Appreciation Night.

This year marked the 26th anniversary of Hola Sun selling Cuba to the Canadian market. To commemorate this special occasion we invited more than 230 retail and industry partners to get together for a night of Cuban music and dancing. This night was for our partners to get the latest information on what products Hola Sun have to offer to better serve our clients.

Hola Sun Holidays thanks all partners for their continued support.