Finding one of the Caribbean’s best golf courses in Varadero

Think of Varadero, Cuba, and it’s likely a vision of turquoise waters, tropical sunshine and sipping mojitos under a beach palapa that immediately springs to mind. But for those who prefer their vacation with tee time, the popular resort town is also home to the only 18-hole golf course in the whole country: Varadero Golf Club.

Located in the middle of the Hicacos Peninsula, the island’s largest green sits on what was once the private estate of French-American millionaire Irénée du Pont de Nemours, who purchased the property in 1927 as a post-retirement winter getaway. The current par 72 golf course dates back to 1999 and has a Canadian connection: It was designed by Canmore, Alberta-based architect Les Furber — a legend in the business — who has created more than 65 original golf courses around the world.

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Havana’s must-see landmarks for history buffs

Making a shortlist of Havana’s architectural gems is no easy task: The city recently celebrated its 500th birthday, and there are more than 900 sites of historical significance just in its old quarter (Habana Vieja, a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Whether you’re fascinated by Baroque, Neoclassical, Art Deco or Modernist styling, it’s all here – the eclectic aesthetic reflecting Spanish, French, American and other influences. Consider the following sites just a few starting points.

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How Havana earned its reputation as the “Paris of the Caribbean”

Over its 500 years of rich history, Havana has undergone countless dramatic transformations. Rewind to the first half of the 20th century and the city was popularly nicknamed the “Paris of the Caribbean.” Here’s how the glamour, modernity and architecture of that age gave the tropical destination its French flair, although Cuba’s capital has always retained a character all its own.

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